Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Few Changes!

Hey guys! Its been a while since I've blogged and I'm hoping to be back more faithfully. As soon as warmer weather comes it seems business is right behind it. We've been busy doing things aound the house and of course just the day to day things that Mom's do...you know like sit around and eat bon-bons while the kids fan us...HA! Anyway...I've also been trying to figure out exactly where I wanted my blog to go as far as "the main thing" I wanted to get across to people who might read. I've decided that I really want it to be a resource for stay at home Mom's like myself. I know I find a lot of encouragement, as well as, really useful tools from other bloggers. So that being said, my blog is kind of lining up with one of the main burdens I have in ministry and that is "the older(mature...not necessarily just age)women teaching the younger women. It's lacking and I'm really hoping to help pick up some of that slack with the abilites God has given me. Along with my blog I've also been doing some serious writing and I'll keep you updated from time to time on that. So like I said...hoping to be on more faithfully and that I can offer you all some real encouragement...Lord knows we ALL need it.

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