Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It's the Perfect Time...

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Don't let this Holiday Season go by without creating some new memories with your family and loved ones. Traditions and memories are something your family (especially) children will keep with them through the years. They will for years to come bring to mind sweet thoughts of family and special times. I know they still do for me! We have some traditions that we do every year and have started some new ones even this year. Below is just a quick list of some ideas for creating special memories with your family.

1) Have a family tree decorating night complete with music and party food. It helps if ahead of time you put on the lights and garland as the kids can't always help with this job.

2) Go out around town and look at Christmas decorations. I know as soon as my kids see the Christmas Trees go up at Lowes they know Christmas is coming.

3) Make and decorate gingerbread men/cookies.

4) Bring out the special foods and snacks that you only have around the holidays. For us its smokies and smoked bolognas.

5) Buy each family member a new Christmas bulb for the tree. As the years go by you can think of all the fun you had picking them out.

6) Have some special Christmas music/movies that you listen to or watch year after year.

7) Think of something special you can do for those in need such as those in nursing homes or the elderly/sick. Teach your kids the true spirit of the season by singing carols, bringing food or just spreading some good cheer to those not as fortunate as you.

8) Read the Story of Jesus Birth before you open Christmas presents.

9) Set up a Christmas village/train set.

10) Have a special tradition when the first snow comes. Ours is making cinnamon bread from scratch. While it bakes we walk outside in the falling snow and then come in and have a slice of fresh bread out of the oven with lots of icing.

If you have some special traditions...I'd love to hear about it.

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