Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christians are like Christmas Lights....WHAT!


So this year like every other year I pulled out the Christmas Lights and low and behold they were all arranged neatly and I was able to quickly get them up... and then I woke up from this wonderful dream and found myself holding a jumbled up mess that resembled something close to an explosion at a Christmas light factory. So this year like every other year I sat down to work on getting them in order only to find that they didn't work. I really love when that happens...makes me want to sing the Hallelujah Chorus! So leave it to my wonderful hubby to come up with an analogy about how Christians resemble Christmas lights. We ended up talking on the subject at length and I thought I would blog about it. So here I am and here you are reading what I decided to that...OK then...lets move on.

So here are some facts about Christmas lights:

1)They tend to always find themselves in a jumbled up mess.

2)They are much prettier when they are lit. You have to admit that lights really don't look that great when they are off during the day, but when you light those babies up they take on a whole new appearance.

3)One broken light affects all the rest. I had this happen to me two separate times this year. I put the lights on the tree, everything was looking good and then one day I noticed a whole section of my tree was not lit. Of course it was in the middle of the tree so my tree technically got trimmed three times this year if you count all the lights I had to fix and all the decorations I had to remove and replace to do it. Try it's a lot of fun. Let's move on shall we.

4)One single light is okay, but hundreds, thousands, millions...even better.

So now that we've established these simple facts...keep reading.

Christians like lights often times find themselves in a jumbled mess. Technically speaking...we all are a jumbled mess, but for the Grace of God and salvation in Christ. Sometimes we find ourselves in situations that are a direct result of choices we have made. Other times we may be going through trials and it is no fault of our own, just God's greater purpose. Point can't do anything with tangled up lights and as Christians we need to do our best to be "untangled" from the world. God can't use someone who is entangled with this life and the world's system and ways. Somewhere along the way you have to make the choice to keep yourself "untangled" from the world. I could give you a ton of quotes here, but what better quote than a verse. "No man that warreth entangleth himself with the affairs of this life; that he may please him who hath chosen him to be a solider," II Timothy 2:4. Just about says it all don't you think.

Just like Christmas lights are much prettier when lit, Christians are much more attractive when they are "shining" with good works. Jesus was the Light of the World. He shined through the darkness and brought salvation to man. The sky turned black when he took man's sin upon him, but now heaven shines with his presence. He shined through the darkness in our hearts and gave us the light of the Gospel. You see...lights are always better when lit. How about me? How about you? Is our light shining for Christ or is it hiding behind a bushel? Christmas like no other time reminds us that time goes fast and life is a's here...then gone. Let's redeem the time and shine for Christ. "Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in heaven," Matthew 5:16.

When one Christmas light isn't working it affects the rest, likewise when one Christian isn't "working" right it affects the rest. I really believe some people who call themselves Christians have just sort of "checked out." They have either lost all interest in the things of God or they are acting like broken lights. When people fall away or are involved in blatant sin, it is going to affect somebody. It always does. No man is an island unto himself. If you think for one minute that your choices in life don't affect anyone but you, you are sadly mistaken. On that note if we see a brother or sister in need or having a hard time let's help them. Let's admonish, encourage and pray for them to get back where they need to be. We all have been there at some time and somewhere there was someone praying for us or giving us words of wisdom and strength. Let's do the same. There is no's not about who's "light" is more effective or shines before the most people. Just shine! Lights are meant to shine.

Consider this...what if all the people who call themselves "born-again" Christians really let their light shine? This world would certainly be a lot different. What if all of us overflowed with good works? What if we all gave out the Gospel? What if we all helped to hold each other up? What if we all actually were different (not odd)than the world? What if we all really lived the things we speak about? What if when people talked to us they really didn't see us at all...what if they only saw Christ? What if we all really lived like the Light of the World is living in our hearts. What if??? What if??? What if???

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