Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I start my day by making beds,
And kissing gently messy heads,
There’s not much time to stop and rest,
For little tummy’s need refreshed.

On to breakfast and morning chores,
When one jobs done, there’ll be one more
And so it goes right through the day,
So I stop and take the time to pray.

On to academic things,
But not before the cell phone rings,
The house needs cleaned, the floors need swept,
A drink has spilled, the table’s wet.

A cry comes out from the second floor,
Someone left open the kitchen door,
The dog gets out and has some fun,
The kids love to see Mom on the run.

Time for dinner and Dad comes home,
And I’m still trying to find my phone.
Table’s set and all are waiting
A home cooked meal they’re anticipating.

The dishes clean, the laundry done
Onto baths and bedtime fun.
Kids in bed I shout, “Amen!”
And tomorrow we’ll do it all again.

While some have chosen big careers,
I have found fulfillment here,
Between dirty laundry, plates and chores,
I found I want for nothing more.

Written by Victoria Mitchel 1/4/2011

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joy said...

Very nice!
Very sweet!
So true!