Friday, September 2, 2011

Hold Hands with your Hubby!

I love holding my husband's hand.  When our hands are together it feels like we can face anything.  When I think of my husbands hand I think of love, patience, hard work and sacrifice.  My husband held my hand when we were dating, he held my hand the day we got married, he has held my hand when I 've been sick, he still holds my hand "just because" and I'm sure when we are old and can't do much of anything else he will still hold my hand, and I his.  Holding hands says a lot.  It is such a easy thing to do so why don't we do it more?  You can use your hands for a lot of questionable things, but you can also do so much good as well.  You can care for your children, make a meal for someone, rub your husband's back, give his hand a squeeze when things are get the idea.  Think of what an inconvenience it would be to not have your hands; now think of all the good you can do with the ones you have.  I forget sometimes too, but today I'm going to make sure I hold my hubby's hand.  Will you?  Click the link below to hear a great song I think you will really enjoy and really reiterates what I am saying. Please make sure you pause my blog music at the bottom of my blog so the songs don't play at the same time.


lifeof4boys said...

this is a neat music video!! reminds me of Grandpa&Grandma,always holding hands till the end!

Anonymous said...

This is my third try!!!! If more husbands and wives took this advice maybe there would be less divorces, more stable families, more families to be willing soul-winners, and just maybe our chuches would be filled with folks that are willing to be used of God.