Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Just a quick tip!

Maybe I'm in the dark ages and all of you who have been reading this are shaking your head at me, but I wanted to put in a little plug for the ETSY shop! There are some things I have been looking for and low and behold there they were the whole time! I have been looking high and low for girlie-girl headbands and bows for Megan and was starting to lose hope. Now there is this whole new wonderful world at my finger tips with the Etsy shop! I enjoy just browsing all the different hand-made products. So stop by and take a never know what you might find there:)

DISCLAIMER: I cannot be held personally responsible for any expense one may incur while browsing the Etsy shop. Do so at your own risk!


Jeanette said...

haha I own an Etsy shop, did you know that?
and I probably spend quite a bit of what I make on other Etsy shops - mostly hair bows and clothes for Gabi or home decor. I love Etsy!

The Trendy Homemaker said...

Yes Jeanette I knew you had one...I've looked at it have some cute things! I thought you might be one of the ones who was laughting at me for just finding out about Etsy!!!:)

Melissa Mann said...

Etsy is pretty wonderful!! I've sold stuff there in the past - it's a great community of crafters! Have fun there!