Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Making a list...checking it twice.


Do you clean your house in an orderly fashion or do you just close your eyes and hope for the best?  A few years back (mostly after I started homeschooling) I decided I needed to be more organized with my cleaning.  Don't get me wrong...I always clean...my house is very clean, but I was finding myself always doing the same jobs and certain things were getting overlooked.  I decided at that point to come up with list of things I would do on a certain day of the week and then things I would do everyday to kind of "maintain."  I've found it to be really helpful and I no longer come across areas that "never" get cleaned.  No surprises like under the fridge or stove etc...  Here's what my list looks like.

Monday-Clean bath (wash walls, floor, shower, sides of toliet and sink etc..)

Tuesday-Dust bedrooms, living room, kitchen

Wednesday-Dust upstairs, vacuum as needed, vacuum stairs and dust railings

Thursday-Change beds,  thourougly sweep (under fridge, stove etc..)  and mop kitchen

Friday-Vacuum living room, living room furniture and under beds

Saturday-anything that might have been missed during the week, catch up  laundry

Daily (to maintain)-Laundry (wash, dry and fold 1 load),dishes, countertops, sweep, vacuum as needed, spot clean bath (sink, toliet etc...)  I recommend keeping antibacterial wipes or a roll of papertowels and cleaner handy at all times for quick cleaning.

This is the list that works for me.  Obviously, your own house may be bigger, smaller etc...so do what works for you.  I think you will find a list like this helpful and it will also give you the assurance that things are getting cleaned and nothing is getting overlooked.  Don't stress if you miss...just make it up.  That's what Saturday's are for!

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