Wednesday, June 29, 2011

An Old Fasthioned Family!

Lately I've been thinking about this concept of an "old fashioned" family.  Does it mean that I'm walking around in dress and petty coat?  Does it mean I'm driving a car from the "fifties."  Rather It's a mindset.  Why is everyone so afraid of being labeled "old fashioned."  For some people its a dirty word.  Just because things are new and progressive doesn't automatically mean they are right.  That line of thinking is like a Pandora's box..Once you open it all kind of crazy things might come out.

For me the "Good ole' days" doesn't speak of a time when all was right in the world, but rather when things were more right with how people acted in society in general...I didn't say everyone.  A day when people still had morals, when things were clearly "right or wrong" not "morally acceptable."  So having said's the reason why I consider my family to be...."an old fashioned" family.

~We  teach our children how to act in public and at home.  My kids don't rule the house and dictate where we go. They are taught to look adults in the eye and not to mumble when they talk.  They are given clearly understood directions as to what is acceptable and what is not.  My little boy is taught to care for his sister and love here and watch out for her.

~We teach our kids to the Lord and proper care of things that we own.  That entails not ruining your toys by foolish or rough play, but also includes teaching them the value of a dollar and hard work.  If something gets broke there isn't always money to buy another's a life lesson all kids need to learn.  Take care of things when you are young and you will do the same when you are older.  Many people in the world don't have the luxury of owning things much less ruining them.  Being a good steward and being frugal go hand in hand.

~We still put on our Sunday Best.  Honestly, most people look like they just rolled out of bed when they come to church.  People can get all dolled up for all kinds of things but for some reason when it comes to church it's just too much work.

~We teach our kids that life revolves around church and not vice-versa.  You don't schedule events on church days nor do you miss church for anything other than sickness or being away (which we always try to find a good church).

~Respect for God's house...we teach our children that though we as Christians are the church, the building is the Place we meet to Worship the Lord and it's not a jungle gym.  Yes our kids have acted crazy in church, but its always dealt with and the children are lovingly reminded how "we ought to obey ourselves in the house of God."  Money and time are invested in the church and children need to respect that. In line with that we teach and train our children about proper behaviour at stores, other people's houses etc...  In a nut shell....we teach our children self-control.  There are rules that govern everything we do, so it is only logical that there are rules for how to act in various places.

~Family Meals....we do them faithfully.  Its a standing appointment unless you're sick.  We still pray and read scripture and we teach our children proper manners like "please, thank you and may I be excused."  Because of this we have been able from a very young age to take our children to  fancy restaurants without worry of them misbehaving.  They are growing up enjoying things that many children never get to enjoy because we know they will theatre, musical concerts (good music) etc...

~We all fulfill our rolls...Dad leads, Mom supports and follows (no I'm not perfect, but I know what is required of me) and our children are obedient to their parents.  Things work smoothly and we are all happy fulfilling our God-designed rolls.

~We teach our girl to be a lady (she's still learning and I might add that this doesn't just come from wearing a dress) and we are training our boy to be a man so that he can lead a family someday.  They don't follow modern media and their roll models are not girls dressed like harlots or effeminate boys.

~We live simply...we aren't overcrowded with media, possessions, hobbies (we have them) but we make an effort to keep all things in their place so we can enjoy being a family and have quality time together.  We aren't running around all week taking one kid here, one kid there and Mom and Dad someplace else.  Sometimes people just need to stay still and be thankful for what they have and realize that all the things our society says we need to be successful are only a ploy from satan.  They distract us from the heart of the matter...and that is...dealing with the matter of the heart and it's sinful condition.  Sometimes all of us as people are to "earthly minded."  Maybe we should all start looking beyond this earth into eternity.  To what really what last what is incorruptible and doth not fade away.

So what gets me started on all this...for one is some news articles I've read.  Another is how many Christian families are falling apart and have no impact whatsoever on the world around them.  Maybe this is why God has called my husband and I to ministry....because we are so troubled by what we see around us.  Because we want to be different...because we have told the Lord that we want to be set apart from him.

I Love my husband, I love my kids and I'm so thankful for them.  Were it not for my wonderful husband I may not be where I am today.  He is a faithful, Godly man who works hard for his family and for the Lord. 

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We are old fashioned at heart, too! Great blog!

Lisa said...

I am in awe by you! I randomly came across your blog today unexpectedly and I love it. I feel like we have the same feelings about things (of course not all). Or maybe not the same feelings...but the same conversations mine with people yours with your blog. I can't wait to read more. God is good :)