Thursday, April 26, 2012

Can't wait...

What exactly is it that I can't wait for???  Well I can't wait until the the new Gooseberry Patch book "101 Best Breakfast and Brunches" comes of my recipes will be in it.  When I opened my mail to find a letter from Gooseberry Patch, I was so excited!  I've sent several in and was surprised to finally hear that they picked one of my recipes.  I think that anyone who loves Gooseberry Patch would be as delighted as me to see one of their recipes in these beloved books.

If you've never read or seen a Gooseberry Patch cookbook, you really need to get your hands on one.  They are loads with great recipes, fond memories, craft ideas and so many other fun things.  I think one of my FAVORITE things about these cookbooks is the delightful artwork.  It is just so sweet and each picture evokes happy and cozy thoughts.  I look forward to every new book that comes out and would love to have every single book in my collection...what great fun that would be! 

I forgot to mention that anytime you get a recipe published in a GP book, they also give you a free copy of the book in which it was nice of them!  If you are interested in sending in a favorite recipe click here.  You can send as many as you want as often as you want. 

Hope you all have a blessed day.  Don't forget to Count Your Blessings!!!


BeckyW said...

Congratulations! Which recipe did you send in?

Faith, Family, Simplicity said...

Thank you...I sent in my recipe for pumpkin streusal coffeecake.