Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Marvelous Invention!

I love being organized. Its something I do just about every day. I hate clutter! I don't like having drawers or closets filled with things I don't even know are there. I label anything that can be labeled and the rest is in a box, basket or whatever else I can find to make things look neater and easier to find. On that note I want to recommend a charging station. I'll explain and show pictures in case your wondering,"What in the world is that!?" Between my husband's phones (and I emphasize the plural form of this word) and mine, not to mention i pods and ham radios there are an abundance of things that need charging around this house. It would drive me absolutely insane to see cords all over my counter everyday. It was like a labyrinth of chargers! So...drum-roll please....Thank you Pottery Barn for fixing this dilemma! Below are some pics of the charging station I'm talking about. It conveniently holds up to four chargers (all hidden of course) in a rather fine looking leather box. It also has a built in power strip where all the chargers plug in and then the part that attaches to the phone goes up through a little hole where it is ready at all times for the phone to be attached. NO MORE MESS! It also has a small built in drawer!

This is what it looks like sitting on my counter.

Here is the handy little drawer!

This is where the phones etc...sit while they are charging
(the holes are for the cords).

I have more recently seen these at Target and a few other stores, but I really like the quality of the one from Pottery Barn. It seems very sturdy and made well.

So that's my organizing tip for the with it what you will and in the meantime I'll just keep enjoying my counter space free from "cord clutter!"

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