Thursday, September 2, 2010

So I really LOVE fall. No surprise there! I saw this picture and I thought to myself...I could picture myself here, walking down this road, holding hands with my hubby. I imagine we're both wearing our favorite fleeces and talking about why we love this time of year. We were married in the fall (albeit that it we had a huge snowstorm on our wedding day...that's NY for you) and our wedding was decorated for fall, complete with a stone path and white bridge...just beautiful. So fall has a lot of really good memories for me. A cozy fire, a good book, the kids laughing and jumping in the hay, Fall Apples (one of life's simple pleasures) and of course a really good cup of coffee. Everything is just better with coffee and don't you forget it. There is nothing like waking up in the morning and feeling that "Fall chill" in the air. For me there is nothing cozier than fall colors...I could wrap myself in their warmth for the next 50 years and be just fine. So on that happy note...I will continue on down the path with my hubby and a picnic basket complete with a cozy fall blanket to sit on...Fall...there's nothing quite like it.

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