Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hey Mom and are ya? Let me ask you a question...and be honest with yourself. When was the last time you felt like you weren't good enough? When was the last time you compared yourself to some other lady? When was the last time you criticized your looks or compared yourself to some other woman who was "prettier?" When was the last time you compared your situation to someone else's and felt "jealous?" If we're honest....we all do, and in fact I was guilty of it just last night. Seems so "high school" right??? Well let's face it...we women can be a bundle of emotions sometimes! Our poor husbands need a road map to work their way through our complicated emotions so they don't make a wrong turn! Two things on this point...our emotions can be really great at times. It's what makes a Mom want to fix a boo-boo, fix a great meal, hug a friend in need, kiss our hubby or just do something really unexpected and thoughtful...just "because." On the other hand they can be deceiving, conniving, inconsiderate, selfish, overly emotional and at times just flat out "neurotic." These are all TOXIC emotions and not unlike a container of poisonous chemicals they should have a hazard sign on them. They should be avoided at all cost. A quote I once read said something like this..."Acid does more damage in the vessel in which it's stored then to the vessel on which it is poured." Let's face it...when we don't keep our emotions in the right place it affects everyone....starting with you and working right down the line to all the people in your life. They are like a poison poured out on the ones you love! Sounds really gross and scary doesn't it. Just trying to keep things in perspective. Having said that, I want to share with you some thoughts on some of the emotions that trouble all of us women at some time or another. I will always point you back to the Bible, because I believe with all my heart that every answer to our problems can be found within it's pages. It never changes...UNLIKE our emotions. Put on your gas mask and follow me for a few minutes as we explore some of the "toxic emotions" that plague all of us at out....this "ain't" gonna be pretty!

1) Jealousy-No...not the "J" word! If you're a woman...I know you've had to battle this ugly emotion. It often rears it ugly head at the worst and most inopportune times. One minute your fine the next minute your examining your every flaw with a high-powered microscope. Suddenly how you look isn't right, what you do isn't good enough and on and on it goes. Let's grow up shall we? Myself included. First of all Psalms 139 says "We are fearfully and wonderfully made." Now which one of you reading this has the guts or audacity to look at God and say...."What were you thinking? Why have you made me thus (remember Job said that)? Do we really think that we know better than God how we should have been made? Obviously, unequivocally NO! I'm not going to give you or myself a bunch of "fluff" here. God knew exactly what he was doing when He made you and I...and let's not forget that He did it with a purpose and plan in mind. For you and I to get so caught up in silly things like looks or lots in life is nothing more than foolish. Consider Christ....God in flesh....come down to live among sinful men and he didn't even have "place to lay his head." He was born in a manger among smelly cattle and died on a rugged cross among two thieves. Now if anyone ever had a right to complain it certainly could have been our Lord, but He was always more concerned with others than himself. If we are becoming to preoccupied with comparing ourselves to others and what we have or don't have...consider Christ and get more concerned for others. "A man wrapped up in himself makes a very small package." That's free and I can't even remember who said it...but they were right. Let's have the right attitude! When we find ourself all distressed about things that don't mean a thing on this earth anyway....Consider! Not What...but whom....and that is Christ.

2) Insignificance-All of us want to feel important. Nothing wrong with the right perspective. We all want to be commended for a job well done or congratulated when we accomplish something. However, like most emotions when not kept in check we will always find ourselves feeling like we are a failure. Now from a worldly perspective this is completely understandable. There is always someone who does something better, faster, smarter etc...than us. However if we are children of God our perspective should be "out of this world." We are not looking for the praise of fact many times this leads people up the ladder of vanity...only to fall. We are looking for the Lord's approval! Consider this...God doesn't look on the pastor of the biggest church with more favor than the pastor of a congregation of 10. He looks at the heart! Yes, he may give some a bigger sphere of influence, but God is looking for quality of work not quantity. He sees a faithful and willing heart...and he will reward you thusly. Maybe sometimes you feel like all you do is chase kids, fill cups, change diapers, break up fights, play judge and jury to sibling disagreements...but it's not insignificant! Being a Mom and wife is the most rewarding job there is and far to many ladies don't give themselves the credit they deserve. Now this doesn't mean there aren't things we all need to work on...I know mine! Don't spend all your time looking for worldly the Lord's approval and spend your time making yourself "spiritually" significant.

3) Bitterness-Now here's an emotion everyone has had battle with at one time or another. We all have been wronged at some time. Maybe we have had a bad life growing up or disagreements with those around us. Bitterness is sometimes one of those things that can settle in and make itself at home, before we ever realize it came in the front door. Bitterness is like putting on a pair of glasses with the lenses painted black to read a book. You won't be able to see anything properly and after a while it's going to really mess up your point of view. That's what bitterness does. It makes everything in life distorted and after a while everything in life is seen through that distortion. The only sure cure for this is...1) Confess your sin of bitterness and 2) forgive and make things right. Now I know that sounds easy, but it's not easy to do...and you know it. Forgiveness is necessary and it is the first step in getting bitterness out the door. Now if you really want to give bitterness the boot, take whatever it is that you can't change and leave it at the Lord's feet. Let Him deal with the mess...He'll do much better than you! Don't try to pick up again all the things you can't possibly understand with your earthly mind...let God deal with it for you.

So that's it ladies. Some simple things to ponder and consider. Don't live a defeated life held captive by toxic emotions! There is a great freedom in the truth of God's word!

"Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ." II Corinthians 10:5

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Jeanette said...

thanks for giving me something to think about today! Those enemies of Jealousy and Insignificance can certainly rear their ugly heads in a stay-at-home mom's life.
Thank you!