Friday, September 3, 2010


Get ready for fall baking! In order to pay tribute to the pumpkin, today I am going to share with you one of my most requested recipes. It never fails, is super easy and yields a wonderfully fluffy and soft cookie that is to die for! Bet you can't eat just ten (forget one!). Clink the Link below to be a partaker of the goodness.

Here's my Pumpkin Tip of the day
If you're planning on making beef stew anytime this year, have you considered serving it in small hollowed out pumpkins? It is such a great idea and looks so festive! For an extra special touch you can even replace the circular piece you cut out for the opening (with the stem) back on after you fill the pumpkin with stew. This will delight your family and friends as they remove the stem to find steamy beef stew. Now that is pure Autumn comfort!

Below is a recipe/picture of what I just mentioned. This is not my beef stew recipe, I just put it here because I know a lot of people like to SEE what they are making! Also I noticed that you actually bake the stew right in the pumpkin as opposed to just filling it. There are so many versions, but you get the idea!

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