Friday, September 3, 2010


I love aprons, but I REALLY love vintage aprons. While doing a Google search for vintage aprons, I came across this really neat Etsy Shop that sells homemade aprons. They are super cute and would make a great gift if you or someone you know loves aprons. Check it out if your interested.

While Aprons kind of became less of a norm after the 50's they are making a comeback...and with good reason...who doesn't like to keep their clothes looking nice!


Jen said...

I love aprons, too. But for some reason I don't own any! I still have my Hoss's apron from when I worked there, but I think it's packed away somewhere.

Anonymous said...

that's so funny! i am a messy cook, so i Need aprons. i have a pattern for a really cute one, now you've inspired me to finish it. I tagged u so u could see it.
Becky :)