Friday, August 12, 2011

Canning Memories!

Is is just me, or does anyone else think canning jars are so pretty?  I love the simplicity of canning and the memories it brings back of yesteryear.  I love knowing I picked these tomatoes out of my garden this week and now they are ready to be put away for later use.  There is nothing like a fresh garden tomato, free of pesticides.  They really make my heart go pitter-patter.  Canned tomatoes bring back memories of my Grandma.  I remember watching her can tomatoes in her kitchen and boy...were they ever good.  I remember she would tell my Grandpa to go down to the basement and get a jar of that moment I knew she was going to make macaroni soup.  It was my favorite. She would brown some hamburger with a little onion, add the tomatoes, let it simmer a bit and then add some elbow macaroni.  She probably added a few other things but that's all I remember.  She would serve it in a bowl with some fresh Italian bread and REAL butter and it was soooo good!  To this day it is why I still absolutely love canned tomatoes.

My Mom came over last night to help me can...mostly because I wanted to make sure I was doing everything exactly right.  My Mom, my daughter and I all peeling tomatoes, seeds and juice flying was a special memory.  I'm sure there are tomato seeds and juice still lurking in my kitchen somewhere, only to be discovered at a later date.  Being in the kitchen with my Mom and daughter reminded me of a simpler time when people were happy with just having enough to eat and the strength to do the jobs that needed to be done.  And as I was cleaning up, I thanked the Lord for the fresh clean water we had to use after a day of hard work...a simple thing we take for granted but I am SO thankful that we have it...and a nice comfortable bed to crash in after a long day.  I am already anticipating making some macaroni soup with some fresh homemade bread and REAL butter...Come and Get it!
" A thing of beauty is  joy forever."


lifeof4boys said...

I'm glad you like canning! We did it once this year and doing it again this weekend.I dont like the It is nice to have your own fresh food saved though!

Becky W said...

That's what we've been doing :) I love being able to provide for ourselves (w/ the Lord's help of course) :D