Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Vintage Christmas Cards

My son designed this one...with just a little help from me:)

I totally LOVE vintage things...especially things from the 40's-50's.  As I was in my craft room (area) working away I had a brain storm.  I had all these really pretty Christmas cards that I had saved in a box because I just couldn't bear to throw away such lovely pictures.  I kept thinking to myself...maybe I can use these later.  Well there they sat for way to long...until today.  We re-furbished old cards into lovely vintage Christmas cards.  No two are alike...which makes them extra-special.  The kids even joined in and had a ball.  Check them out and give them a try yourself.  I just love looking at them:)  Maybe I'll send one to myself!

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lifeof4boys said...

that's what I do.Keep the cards and also keep the sayings and cut them out for the inside.Fun! Kids love that stuff.They look very good.My favorite is the third from the top!