Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Doing my Christmas dreaming...a little early this year!

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Hey everyone...I was just looking at my last post and realized I was going on a month. I really don't like to go that long without posting something...somehow the time got away from me. I have been super busy trying to get our home school material ready for this year. On top of that I have also been trying to get some painting done around the house. So anyway...as the title of this post suggest I am doing my Christmas Dreaming...although I don't think for me it's that early. Everyone knows I love Christmas. I love the colors, the smells, the cold, the lights, flannel sheets and Christmas Decorations. My heart rate is increasing just thinking about it all. So anyway...about this time every year I pull out my paper and pen and plan all the recipes I want to make, plan out gift giving and holiday meals. I even think about my decorations and what I want to try that's new. You may even catch me listening to a Christmas tune while I happily make cards or sew gifts. Crazy for some, but that's just me. I guess I should emphasize that for me the Holiday season starts in September and goes through December. It only comes once a year and I like to enjoy it. As soon as September rolls around you can bet I'm thinking of my fall decorations and the Thanksgiving turkey...did someone say Turkey? Mashed Potatoes with gravy? So here are a few pictures of the cards I've been making. Some I like better than others...but as I get going I feel more creative. Also the containers I made for our cookie swap out of oatmeal containers are at the bottom.


Becky said...

Lovely! You put me to shame ;) love the oatmeal containers. I knew I saved my for a reason, lol!

Lori Finch said...

OH, I love Christmas too! I always put up 5 trees and lots of lights. Cheyenne always loves it when the house smells like Christmas!
Your cards are great! and I love the oatmeal container idea. I saw a post for cookie containers using Pringle boxes too...so neat. Miss you all and hope to see you again soon!

lifeof4boys said...

very good! Love the containers.I might use the pringle boxes instead of the cups(thanks Lori)!
Makes me in the mood for Christmas too.Its always better to start early to enjoy the season!